We offer longer series that are produced by our partners. By closely monitoring these series, we can guarantee that they are of top quality.

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We offer locally produced small and medium-sized series of highest quality as well as quick, mainly for the Swedish domestic market.

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Environmental Policy

All of our work is permeated by a great environmental awareness. By not only following but also leading the technical progress, our production is constantly becoming more environmentally compatible.

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Quality and expertise

Our highly skilled staff manufacture printed circuit boards of small to medium-sized series. Thanks to our modern processes and production machines, control systems such as SPC and ISO-9001:2008, a well-equipped process laboratory and continuous quality controls and monitoring, as well as our skilled staff, we can guarantee that our printed circuit boards are of highest possible quality.


At Teltex you get a holistic solution for your printed circuit boards. Production in Sweden means that we can offer a great flexibility in our cooperation with our clients. We support and help by building printed circuit boards of the technical competence that our clients wish for. We also help with the design and the set-up of your printed circuit boards, impedance matching et cetera. At Teltex we prepare the production documentation in order to optimise our production.

Fast Delivery

Since most that we provide is manufactured in Sweden we can offer fast delivery. By having our factory in Huddinge, south of Stockholm, we are physically close to the Scandinavian market. Fast delivery is part of our business plan and we have long-term business relationships with skilled and service minded suppliers.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and material, Teltex can provide many different types of printed circuit boards, such as advanced HDI printed circuit boards, layer build up with stacked or staggered layer build up, multi-layer printed circuit boards with many layers (20 or more), high-frequency PCB, flex printed circuit boards and rigid-flex printed circuit boards.


Teltex can offer printed circuit boards that we let our partners in Europe and Asia produce. This means that we also can deliver considerably larger batches than what we can produce in our own factory. Before delivering any PCB to our clients, they are all carefully controlled with the same high standards, with no difference between those manufactured at Teltex and those manufactured by our partners. Our quality department controls these products as meticulously as those that are produced at our factory.


The electronics industry is probably the manufacturing industry where technological development is the fastest.. The technological development is a constantly accelerating process. This is Teltex’s fuel and we are naturally at the front edge of this progress. Our ambition is to deliver the printed circuit boards of the future why we constantly try new materials and processes.